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Obviously, where depression is a symptom of a possible mental health condition, it means that the need of therapeutic care is in order. When this happens, there are concerns that need attention when searching for help. Not surprisingly, we are not all the same, which translates into, while we all have the same basic human needs, relieving a person from a depressive state does not rely on cookie cutter methods.

A person’s age, gender, philosophy and religious belief’s in addition to their cultural background all carry a specific weight with finding an Occupational therapist that can confidently and, successfully deal with a given patient. All of these aspects of a person’s life help to achieve a correct balance of therapeutic techniques designed to aid in their full recovery. Consequently, these same aspects add to the variety in the mental health field.

The field of mental health has a variety of specific fields of interest. For instance, some depressive states caused by marital situations call for a therapist specializing in family and marital counselling. In this example, here in Gatineau or Ottawa a Priest or a Rabi may help or a psychiatrist, who focuses on this aspect of human behaviour, might be the answer.

By now, you are aware of the concerns that prevail when dealing with certain aspects of a depressive state. Another example, may be having the same gender therapist as the patient. This helps with rapport and comfort. Additionally, language can be a barrier in some instances.

Depressed? Anxious? The good news is that talk therapy can really help, sometimes as much as medication. But if the only thing you know about therapy you learned from watching The Sopranos, finding the right therapist can feel overwhelming. 

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