Thursday, 12 March 2015

Going Back to Work after Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy

Nobody in Ottawa or Gatineau really plans on getting injured on the job. Moreover, accidents do take place, however avoidable they may or may not be. Regardless, when they do happen and they are covered by insurance the injured party normally goes through some type of occupational rehabilitation therapy, depending on the severity, while being away from the work place.

There is one aspect that most do not consider as part of occupational rehabilitative therapy, and that is, it helps the individual going through it to re-gain their confidence and peace of mind, in addition to diminishing their fear against losing their job because of the injury. At the same time, however, it gives the person time to reflect on whether they should look into changing their form of support because of the injury, for example, leaving the construction industry, and going back to school to enter into another profession. What happens first after a serious injury is an Ottawa or Gatineau physician will access both the individual’s physical and psychological states and make their recommendations accordingly.

Typically, after most accidents the injured party suffers from some type of depression due to a feeling of failure and uselessness. This condition specifically affects those who have long periods of rehabilitation ahead of them. Because of this, there are times when a doctor may suggest a temporary change in occupation as part of the therapy.

With each program being structured around the needs of the particular individual, occupational therapy focuses on things like re-building limb strength, range of motion, flexibility, and psychological aspects of the individual that may have been affected by the accident.

Considering all of this, the therapy does take time to affect healing on all levels. Additionally, while going back to work in Gatineau or Ottawa is therapeutic in itself, the company where the accident occurred, may adjust the workload to allow time for the person to re-acclimate to the work environment completely. The importance of occupational rehabilitation is in the preparing those injured on the job, to go back to work or reenter the workforce in a new capacity after they have suffered any type of injury that changes their ability to function on a normal level in Ottawa and Gatineau.

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