Monday, 11 May 2015

Occupational Therapy and Autism

Most people think of occupational therapy as a means to get back into the workforce after suffering a severe accident on the job. While this is true, it is also a way for someone to regain control over their bodies after a stroke. In addition, this type of therapeutic help is also beneficial to autistic children. While autism has no known cure, and different levels of how severe it may manifest, the main idea with occupational therapy in this arena is to help the child communicate with others better.

Having a working relationship with a patient is important in this area of expertise, which makes occupational therapy well equipped for this type of endeavor. The Specialists in this field deal with an individual’s social, physical, and emotional states as part of the healing process after a severe accident or debilitating stroke. When working with an autistic child the focus is the same, dealing with social and emotional behaviors in addition to physical control over their own body.

The premise, here in Ottawa and Gatineau, is based on helping the child reach an autonomous state where they may perform tasks that others take for granted such as the ability to dress themselves, eat when hungry, using the restroom, and knowing when to go to bed. Autistic children need to learn and understand that they can lead a socially normal live within the boundaries of their condition. The structure of this therapy follows a set of guidelines that stress building coordination through physical activity, developmental practices, like washing their hands, along with interacting with others and learning to adapt to their changing environment.

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