Globalité is a proud leader in corporate health & wellness, and in interventions related to stay-at-work and return-to-work programs. Through the quality and consistency of our work, our commitment is to find sustainable solutions to ensure the success and continued satisfaction of our customers.

Globalité is dedicated to:
  • Offering innovative, complete, and high quality services that are based on facts.
  • Honouring the ever changing needs of clients.
  • Always building, increasing and improving precious business relationships within the Health and Wellness industry.
  • Promoting employee wellness.
  • Offering a return on your investment.
With Globalité, you will find more than a simple supplier or service provider; you will discover a partner in disability management and return to work. As your partner, the Globalité team will work tirelessly to offer the best level of service and support to ensure the success of the specific program that you need. The goal of Globalité is to develop a long-term relationship in which your success is their success.

They always have your best interest at heart and put forth all the efforts so that your wellness and return to work program is an investment that you can be proud of. Your goals will become their goals as they work together to improve health, wellness and return to work within your organisation, while reducing costs related to health, absenteeism and disability.

Globalité understands that each client is unique. What distinguishes their service from others is the creation of a wellness and return to work program that is perfectly adapted to your specific needs. And since these needs tend to change over time, Globalité will be there to help you realign your program to these changing needs.

They would love to further discuss how Globalité can become your ideal wellness partner.

Below you can find contact information of Globalité:

Address: 135 De La Tire
Gatineau, QC J8V 0E8

Phone: (819) 317-0270

 (819) 317-0271

Toll - Free: